🇬🇧🇵🇱👇 ✨Empties✨ 🔸@niveanederland Micellar shampoo - I liked it. It doesn't irritate my scalp and does the job nicely. Already repurchased 👍 🔸@kruidvat coffee boost body scrub - it's a good one, especially when used on the dry body then rinsed. I may repurchase in the future but I prefer homemade coffee scrubs. 👍 🔸@ziajanl - tsubaki&argan oil hair mask - gift from @ziajanl - that's a very very good one - the review is already on my page so take a look. I'll definitely repurchase but sadly there's no Ziaja stand anymore at my local polish store. 👍 🔸@ogxbeauty_benelux - argan oil of Morocco hair conditioner - it wasn't bad but I haven't noticed anything special. It's rather average. 🤷‍♀️ 🔸@lorealnl - pure clay bright mask - one of my favorite masks from the pure clay range. I bought a new one already 👍 🔸@diadermine - eye makeup remover - I liked it. Removing eye makeup easily and a little goes in a long way. I may repurchase but it seems that Diadermine is discontinued at my local @kruidvat 👍 🔸@esteelauderuk- day wear multi protection antioxidant moisturizing creme - I totally fell in love with this one. Definitely, I'll buy again but now full sized. The review is coming soon so stay tuned. 😍

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Sat, 25 May 2019, 12:47


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