🇬🇧🇵🇱👇🔻Empties - June 2019🔻 🔻 @actionnederland exfoliating socks - I'm using these exfoliating socks every 3 months (not skipping feet care routine though!). The socks work very well and the price is just 1,69€. Definitely, I do recommend and I'm going to rebuy. 😍👍 🔻 @lorealmakeup false lash architect mascara - I truly love L'oreal mascaras, but that one isn't for me. I do not like the wand and the formula. I had to do a lot of work while applying to see satisfying Didn't enjoy using it. Not repurchasing, for the same price I can buy my beloved L'oreal Unlimited mascara. 👎 🔻 @neutrogena T-gel therapeutic shampoo - this is my life saver. I have a problem with seborrhoea on my scalp area and this shampoo definitely calms down and heals my scalp. Since I'm using this shampoo I'm noticing a huge improvement if it comes to my scalp. I have a few bottles in my stash just in case and going to rebuy continuously. 😍👍 🔻 @schwarzkopf liquid silk spray - I'm using that one since forever. It makes my hair easier to brush, smells nice and adds a bit of shine. Doesn't weigh my hair down which is nice! 😍👍 🔻 @niveanl comforting micellar shampoo - very good and mild daily shampoo. Bought again already, this time the purifying version. 😍👍 🔻 @andrelonnl biotin strength hair mask - one of my favorites. Makes hair healthy, shiny and bouncy. Has a lovely smell. I've used up two or three jars and definitely going to rebuy. Unfortunately since sometimes it's not available at my local @kruidvat - hope it's not discontinued. 😍👍 That's all that I've used up in June so far. Do you know any of these products? Let me know!

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Tue, 18 Jun 2019, 12:00


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