Thanks to the @biovenebarcelona I got the opportunity to test some of their new products available exclusively at @kruidvat in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the package I've found : ▪️ The Glow ampoule ▪️Aztec legend powder to clay cleansing mask▪️Native Secret detoxifying powder to clay mask▪️Chest lift cleansing "boob mask" ▪️ ✨The products are already available in all Kruidvat stores with a special deal - only €1,99 per piece or 3 masks for €5! ✨ 🔺🔺The boob mask really caught my attention. I've used the mask on my decolleté and I really liked the results! The area was nicely lifted, refreshed and pleasantly soft. Definitely going to rebuy this one 👍 🔺🔺The Aztec legend mask is definitely something you should consider when you are looking for a mask which you can use on your SPA day. It's a powder mask which looks and smells like a green matcha tea. I've mixed the mask with one and a half teaspoon of rose water. Right after use, my face was nicely cleaned, mattified and fresh. Plus the scent is very calming and relaxing. 🔺🔺As a finishing touch, I've applied the glow ampoule. One ampoule is enough for face, neck and decollete. The ampoule made my skin pleasantly. moisturized and radiant. 🔺Overall, I feel pleasantly surprised by all used products and I think that I'll try more of @biovenebarcelona stuff. The "boob" mask was fun to use and the Aztec powder mask gave instant results. ⚠️Thanks to the @biovenebarcelona for providing the products for review purposes. Disclaimer: Even though I got the products for free the review is based on my own experience only.

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Fri, 28 Jun 2019, 14:07


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