- 🌏VT COSMETICS GLOBAL SCENT DELIVERY PROJECT🌏 GLOBAL scent EVENT! IN OVERSEAS ver. “L’ATELIER Road is going to visit you with 7 SCENT TESTERS!” ⠀ “We'll deliver all seven scents of Fragrance Blotters.” 📢 THE PRIZE IS L’ATELIER des SUBTILS Fragrance Blotters! not a perfume bottle. Only 500 people!! (국내 이벤트도 예정되어 있으니 조금만 기다려 주세요~) ⠀ ✔️How to join 1. Regram this post 2. Please write down below about why you want to try L’ATELIER des SUBTILS with hashtags ✔️Period 7/10 (Wed) ~ 7/12 (Fri) ✔️Date of announcement 7/17 (Wed) 500 people (Instagram+twitter) ✔️Sample shipment After 7/22 (Mon) ⠀ *Regram only needs to be uploaded once. *Please understand that mail does not allow us to check the delivery. We are not responsible for the loss. *If you win both instagram and twitter, it will canceled one of them ⠀ Reposted from @vtcosmetics_official

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Wed, 10 Jul 2019, 09:02


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