🔹@ziajanl - chestnut leg gel🔹 Unfortunately, I suffer from (edema) and often I have swollen feet and legs. In summer it's just getting worse so thank god it's autumn finally. Besides medical treatment, things which can help are low sodium diet, massages, compression socks, exercises, and proper balm or gel - my favorite is this @ziajanl horse chestnut gel. It's a good budget option - €/100ml and a little goes in a long way! The horse chestnut is well known for its anti-inflammatory and blood circulation improvement properties. The gel itself is not too runny and not too thick, absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue. Right after use legs are relieved, refreshed, feels light and de-puffed. Also, it's safe for pregnant women! Tip: it also works well applied on the face after a long, heavy night as it reduces any puffiness within seconds! For extra cooling put it in the fridge 💚 What's your remedy for tired and puffed legs? Let me know!

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Tue, 22 Oct 2019, 19:33


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