Dziś zapraszam Was na premierę kolejnej kiążki Sienny Snow zatytułowanej "Commander". Więcej informacji znajdziecie poniżej: Title: Commander Series: Politics of Love #3 Author: Sienna Snow Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 4, 2018 BLURB I am Tara Zain. Human rights attorney, the Commander to my colleagues in international affairs, and fiancee to the most powerful man in the country. I've learned love is a useless distraction. Money and status are the true motivators, and powerful alliances are much more important than romantic entanglements. My passion is my work, and nothing, not even the promise of happily-ever-after, will keep me from accomplishing my mission. This is why I've made a bargain with the one man who shattered my heart years ago. He's proposed that I stand by his side and foster the beginning of a new political dynasty. But I have secrets. Secrets that could destroy not only this man and the passion we've rekindled but the very laws of the nation he has sworn to uphold. I am Tara Zain. Future First Lady of the United States of America and COMMANDER. GOODREADS LINK: PURCHASE LINKS US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited EXCERPTS #1 – Super Steamy “Look at us in the mirror.” I lifted my head and studied Ashur’s giant body behind me. He towered over my small frame, but somehow, we fit. We’d always fit. He regarded me with hooded eyes that were filled with longing. “I’m not going to be fucking you in here. I won’t take that from us. When I take you, it isn’t going to be a fast fuck. It is going to be long, hot, and sweaty.” Relief washed over me. He had me so worked up that I probably would have let him. At least, one of us had some restraint. “However, we aren’t going out there until I see you coming at least once.” Strike the restraint part. “Ashur, no.” He tugged the fitted hem of my dress up my thighs and over my bottom. Why wasn’t I pushing his hands away? Why was I stepping a little wider? Because you want the release as much as he wants to give it to you. “You’re so wet, baby. I can see your desire soaking your underwear.” I glance toward the closed door. “I’m not quiet. I don’t want anyone to hear us.” His hand crept down to the waistband of my thong, ducking inside. “Why don’t you let me worry about that. You just enjoy.” His fingers grazed my clit, sending a shockwave of desire down my spine. I gasped, “Ashu.” “Are you watching us?” “Yes,” I whispered. I couldn’t keep my gaze away from us, even if I wanted to. He was so sure, so confident, so fucking sexy as hell. He repeated the feathery touch, not going farther than the sensitive nub. He teased me until I closed my eyes and surrendered to his soft caress. He pushed a finger past my dipping cleft and into my aching core, making me gasp and writhe against him. “Watch yourself, Tara. You are a goddess, a warrior, the siren who calls to me in my dreams. See what I see, when you come.” I opened my lids and focused on my face. My cheeks were flushed and my eyes glazed. My chest heaved up and down within the constraints of my bra. My nipples rubbed against the lace fabric covering them, causing them to pebble tight. The front of my underwear that was soaked through with my arousal. My fingers dug into his arm, holding on for dear life. Ashur’s hand worked me underneath the material, pumping in and out, pressing at the sensitive area deep inside, and driving me crazy. “Do you want to come, love?” “Yes, Ashu. I... I... need. I’m dying.” “No, you’re not. You’re about to shatter on my hand. Now let me see it.” He plunged another digit inside me to join the other. My body bowed, loving the pleasure-pain of his thick fingers stretching me and working my soaping pussy. I rode his fingers, my head thrashing back and forth. Just when my body couldn’t hold out any longer, I turned my face, gripped the back of his head, and captured his lips. My pussy contracted and then clamped down on his pistioning fingers. My orgasm took over, making my body shudder and shake. I clamped my eyes closed and cried out my pleasure into Ashur’s mouth as my release flooded his fingers in my cum. He continued his ministrations until he’d wrung the last of my release out of my spasming pussy. I lost the ability to hold myself up and collapsed completely against Ashur, breaking our kiss. He held me to him, murmuring words I couldn’t really understand into my hair. Slowly he slid out of my still-convulsing core. “Now Mrs. Kumar. I believe we need to prepare ourselves for landing.” #2 I turned to face Ashur and came to an abrupt halt. Instead of the impeccably tailored suit I expected him to be in, he wore a large towel wrapped around his waist. He rubbed his damp hair with a small cloth as beads of water trailed along the tanned skin of his broad shoulders and washboard abs. It took all my effort not to lick my lips. His honed form was a work of art. He no longer possessed the lean physique of the boy I’d fallen in love with but that of a man who’d built his muscles from years of military training. There wasn’t an inch of unnecessary fat on him, and his chiseled abs would put a bodybuilder to shame. The only things marring his gorgeous form were the slight scars on his waist and chest. He’d incorporated them into the Indian-inspired tattoos that covered most of the left half of his upper body, making me want to trace each design around them. Not just with my finger but my tongue. And then there was the way the towel clung to him. Dear lord, a woman had to be dead not to drool and hope for a peek at the package hidden under the cloth. Shit, what was I doing? Get your hormones in check, Tara Zain. Your entire family is waiting for you down the hall. I ignored my self-reprimand and continued to examine Ashur’s body. Politicians were supposed to be balding with potbellies. Not sexy as sin, covered in tattoos, and looking like they should be on the cover of a wet Wednesday calendar. “Want me to lose the towel?” A smirk touched his lips. Damn. He’d caught me staring at his body. ALSO AVAILABLE #1 Celebrity US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited #2 Senator US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited

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