RITA ORA and her 50/50 bu*shit | one more time straights being problematic

Sun, 13 May 2018, 09:25

hi, i know my monologue is not highly developed and im still saying almost the same words but please, forgive me bc: a) english is not my native language, b) i was (am) still angry and emotions are not the helpful thing when it comes to create a speech. anyway, you know exactly what i meant. thank you. + i saw different opinions about girls(singers) - if they came out as bi or not. i quouted only rita bc its rita's song (and few men... that makes zero sense but who am i to know), even if they are - song wasn't written by bi women for bi women. it was written to please and mantain stereotype of lesbians - only phase, only fun, only good for male audience. https://78.media.tumblr.com/c1f43fb471c18920803ee57f714432c5/tumblr_p8kq86Bnwf1v0ajc2o1_540.png instagram: namelessxjo


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Cześć, jestem Asia. Chciałabym sprecyzować, co jest/ będzie na tym kanale, ale zwyczajnie nie umiem. Nie chcę się ograniczać do ...

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