pon, 20 sie 2018, 22:17

Demi is not only an incredible singer and actress. She has an amazing army of fans - Lovatics - who are with her all the time and right now celebrate her 26th birthday. Last time we were a witnesses of something that gave us a proof, that human thing is to fall down, but the most important is to rise up and move forward. With Lovatics from almost all corners of the World we made a video to tell everyone why we love Demi. She is an inspiration to many of us, her music let us to survive hard moments of life every single day, but her brave in talking about her own problems and her strength is the point of giving true courage to others. I invite you to a special project dedicated to her. Let me know what you think about it and do not forget about “thumb up” and subscription of a channel! PS - I am expecting of a second part of the video! All pictures: https://www.strong-power.pl/lovatics/


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