Beamish Museum * A place where time stopped over 100 years ago.

Tue, 21 Aug 2018, 02:13

Beamish Museum is an open-air museum seeking to replicate a northern town of the early 20th century. Its principal public house is the Shepherd and Shepherdess, near the Beamish Museum entrance. To the south is the village of No Place (also called Co-operative Villas). North West Beamish lies in the conservation area of Beamish Burn. To the north of Beamish, Pockerley Manor preserves a rare though altered example of a pele tower in County Durham, probably dating from the 15th century with later alterations and additions. It is attached to a later farmhouse and the building is now known as Pockerley Manor. The tower has living accommodation built over a stone basement, the first floor reached through a stair built into the thickness of the wall, and the roof is largely original. - Wikipedia Maseczki Aneczki relaksowały się na wycieczcie w Beamish Muzeum. Miejsce gdzie czas zatrzymał się 100 lat temu. Miłego oglądania kochani :) Film nie jest sponsorowany! Autorem filmu jestem ja i tylko ja! Made by me! Not sponsored. Jezeli masz jakies pytania prosze napisz na adres: If you have any questions, send me an email: Zapraszam na moja strone: My blog: Znajdziecie mnie równiez na: My Facebook and Istagram: Facebook: Instagram:


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